About Us

USHVINA FOODS is a Food Manufacturing Company based in Mumbai. It focuses on enhancing the Frozen Foods consumption experience for customers globally. Ushvina Foods was founded in 2014 and carries FROSTLAND as one of its brands.


Chef Karan Rathod’s culinary journey began early on. A foodie by birth, he studied the art of hospitality in Switzerland for his undergraduate degree and went on to achieve a higher education (Masters) degree in Hospitality in Oxford. After working alongside the best in the business in the UK and gaining first-hand knowledge and experience, Chef Karan moved back to India to start his own catering business, primarily focusing on frozen Pizzas. This clear focus allowed the pilot stage of the start-up catering company to be extremely successful in gaining an insight about market prospects, as well as in gaining knowledge on consumer demand and customer preferences.


The key USP for Ushvina foods is our business motto, ‘Frozen Yet Fresh.’

We do not use any artificial flavors or MSG, nor do we add any preservatives. We pride ourselves in the fact that our food tastes fresh from frozen.

We are also highly influenced by the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s call to “MAKE IN INDIA”. We are an Indian company and we pledge to continue to be India based as our operations expand. We strongly believe in contributing positively to our local community.